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Funny things that Scientists have said:
10/18/00 Scientists Revive Ancient Bacteria (Yahoo)

``We all feel reasonably comfortable that this particular organism isn't going to attack anything,'' Vreeland said.

Funny things that politicians have said:
10/21/00 Sam Holbrooke: ``The dangers are mounting. And its time to get on with the peace diplomacy and get away from diplomatic squabbling.''

But this is a really surprising statement. I was sure he was going to say something like, "The time for diplomatic squabbling is now!"

Funny things that Archeologists have said:
``There were lots of animals, and when they died, there was lots of mud and sand to get buried in. And if you can get buried, you can get fossilized,'' Currie said.

``I think we're getting close to the size limit you could be and still be an effective meat-eater,'' said Holtz, who has worked with Currie on other projects. ``If you get too large, you won't be able to hunt down prey because you'll simply be too ponderous.''

Grandmother Jailed For Air Rage Attack
When stewardess Paula Dilworth, 26, asked her to sit down, she was punched three times on the side of the face.

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