I like to edit the drawboard stuff into videos and other things. The below lineup starts more with the “other things” which are like walk-thru image poems with music or just images and music to stare at until you get bored. Some videos are more like short random graphical things while others are like our version of music videos for songs, some fast, some slow. Most of them are .avi but sometimes I try to put different formats since not everybody seems able to view the XVID .avi’s on their systems. Yes, I have thought of YouTube. And yes, I have put some videos on there, but the quality is really bad. Also some videos get blocked for "alleged" copyright violations. They are viewable here.

Great news (2012): Vimeo! is not so bad. I am putting a lot of the videos there now.



Channel 4

 (click thru)


Reinforcing Bonds

That Special Time

Desert Power

Danger Zone

Troubled Livutettes

King Tuttle’s Realm

Black Ball of Fright

Gwen Monsters


The DVD v.1.0


If You Want, Get It Here Thing


Music Flipbooks


Sonny Terry (2009)

Ladytron (Destroy Me) (20010)

Channel 9


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Channel 15

 (walk thru)


Egg Weekend

Where Are We Going?



Channel 22


False Notes

False Notes (nano) [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

Square Lights[.avi][.wmv][.mov]

You’re Only Alone If You Think You’re Alone [.avi][.wmv][.mov]



Channel 34


Kate Kudirka’s Email (What Happened To It)

TV 6

 (tid vits) in various formats – vive la indifference


Paris, 1952

Les Deux Eminems


Port-Au-Prince, 1937

South Viet-Khanh



Channel 47

(we were watchin’ TV)


Each One is Different / Bill O



Channel 49


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Channel 53

(group spazouts)


Scott Speed Wagon

Come Away With Me

Mean To Lurid [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

Divorce [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

God Damn Him Too



Channel 54

(vismixes – more doodling)


Relax Baby  

Stay Broken [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

Your Money [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

Mehr Licht [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

Golden Arches



Channel 55

(vismixes – slideshowy)


Rape Me (2009) [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

Marry Me (2009) [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

Lord Anthony (2009) [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

The First Time (2011)



Channel 56

(vismixes – hybrids)


Get Me Away From Here (2009) [.avi][.wmv][.mov]





Baby Love Child

Damn Butterflies

Great Value



Channel 72

(near as dammit)


Rejection [.avi][.wmv][.mov]

By Order of the Pope [.avi][.wmv][.mov]



Channel 38

(sad slow)


Some Things Last A Long Time

I’ll Tell You A Story