This is a collection of microvideos put together into one file. It is meant to be viewed as a single ~70 minute thing. You can download the file in either AVI (XVID) or WMV format. I believe the AVI file has sharper detail, but this may require you to have the XVID codec. You can get that at and it works for MAC and PC. You might also want to get VLC media player which is a good all-purpose viewer. The resolution will be better if you view on your computer or a projector linked to your computer by VGA cables. If you want to watch on a regular TV, you can go here:




and download all the files ending .VOB and stuff and then use some DVD burning software to burn to a DVD. Those files are shrunk to 90% so that they will not be horizontally cropped when viewed on regular TV sets. I have to do this because I use 720x480 instead of 640x480 for the original material. The downside is when the file is shrunk it becomes slightly less sharp in terms of detail. This is why ultimately it looks best when viewed on your computer. Also you can always just email me and I can send you the DVD itself, which I will do (free of charge) because Iím the coolest.


Finally, please be sure to have headphones and turn the volume of as loud as you can handle. This will make the experience more real.



Yours Faithfully,