Steven Almond

and this was their dance
And the truth is, I loved the shows. I remember standing in the front row as Sebastian Bach, the lead singer of Skid Row, screeched "Youth Gone Wild." Bach was the quintessential metal frontman, a blond mane and a pair of cheekbones. He strutted the stage like a dragqueen, while the lead guitarist yanked out an interminable solo and the drummer became a shirtless piston of flesh. It was formulaic and mercenary and a little pathetic. But when I stared down the row, I saw twenty heads banging in unison, like angry mops. These were kids lousy with the bad hormones of adolescence, humiliated by the poverty of their prospects, and this was their dance, their chance to be part of some larger phallic brotherhood; the notes lashed their ribcages, called out to their beautiful, furious wishes.

- Excerpt from an Excerpt from Steven Almond's new book My Life In Heavy Metal

Between the desire and the spasm. Between Dave Hickey and Dave Eggers. Steven Almond waits. To do a reading for you.

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