From the Mississippi Review's submissions corner:
Now’s your chance! We're looking for new ideas, new prose, new non-fiction about movies, actors, directors, cartoons, movies foreign and domestic, particular films and films in general. The deadline is October 30, so send it now. We'll put the first pieces up Oct. 1st, add some things thereafter. Write your freaking heart out and ship the result to us via the link above. Send as an attachment (Word or RTF) or in the e-mail itself. Write with fury! Drive around and get somebody to bury you!
Bury me? Wait, it gets better.
THE MUSIC ISSUE Music issue deadline is December 21. Get details here. P.S. We haven't yet thought of a cheesy introduction for this project, but once those assholes in the movie review department get their dumb contest over with, we'll have plenty more space. We all know you can't have movies without music!

STUDY WRITING Study with Frederick Barthelme, Mary Robison, Angela Ball, Steven Barthelme and Dave Barry—The Center for Writers.

Okay, does that mean, like, you get to take lessons from those people or you just sit next to them while they themselves study writing? I'm confused. Who's Angela Ball? “Mr. Barry, will you teach me to be funny?”

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