Julia Lipman

Who is Julia Lipman you ask? While she may not be a registered Jivaro princess, she is an up and coming writer/humorist with great potentialónot of becoming a Jivaro princess, but still. From what I gather, she writes mostly on a website called Flak Magazine. Why am I making a page about her? I donít know. Mind your own business. No, I read the following two pieces and thought they were pretty funny. She writes very well, by which I mean she makes good sentences. She puts the emphasis in the right places in each paragraph, loops things around properly so as to maximize potential and occasionally comes with some good old-fashioned insight. I think she may be here to stay, and when she does make it gigantic, I would just like to go on record as saying, ďHA! I called it! I was there! I didnít know her when!Ē Letís keep watching Julia.

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