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I read ten pages, and it was obvious I could get more insight from an episode of Friends. But surely, there must be something redeeming about it if so many kids love it? Kids also like Barney, The Spice Girls and any time anyone mentions 'poo poo.' If you want your kid to grow up smart, make them read Agatha Christie and other intellectually stimulating materialómuseum brochures, Baby Wall Street Journal and Baby Harper's to just name a few. That said, it is acceptable to watch the first two Harry Potter films, if only as a lead in to the third, which is not directed by the same schmuck who directed the first two and is actually pretty damn good (I know!). I heard the fourth one is not as good as the third, which makes me give up again. Jove, that third one is just great. Still wouldn't waste my time reading the books though. Or Wall Street Journal for that matter.
Harry Potter Fans
Harry Potter Fans I (Magic On The Half Shell)

Harry Potter Fans II (The Secret Chamber Under Antoine's)

Harry Potter Fans III (The Prisoner of Esplanade St.)

Harry Potter IIII (Giblet On Fire)

Harry Potter IIIII (The Half-Order of the Fried Phoenix)

Comments on J.K. Rowling

See, I can't equate JK Rowling and Eggers. First, I think Ms. Rowling would be scribbling her little adventures in a notebook no matter what. She's just a geek who got lucky - and I do think luck had a lot to do with it. I suspect that Ms. Rowling is so, as the kids say, "into" her little world, that, if fate had handed her a different set of editors, she might have hinkied the deal rather than be false to her beloved creation. As it happens, I find the whole Potter thing tedious, but I can respect Rowlings and most of her fan base for enjoying the fantasy. Unlike freaking Buffy fans, Potter's fellow geeks don't pretend the story is about something grand and complex. (I'm talking fans here; I shudder to think what papers are being presented at American Studies conferences.)

- W.C., CB Forum

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