Rhymes and Off-Rhymes
American Rhymes

Samuel Berger - Facial Turgor
Madelaine Albright - Equally Uptight
Wen Ho Lee - Slither Ga Dee (as in, you can't catch me said the Slither-Ga-Dee)
Bill Richardson - Dick

English Rhymes

Tony Blair - Underwear
John Major - Garment Trader
Margaret Thatcher - Chicken Catcher
Winston Churchil - Wants Another L

Ronco Rhymes

Chicken Baster - Money Waster
Vegetable Slicer - Idiot Enticer
Garlic Press - Total Mess
Indoor Grill - Eat More Krill
Food Dehydrator - Rude Knee-high Waiter


A Cumbersome Apparatus - Some Cucumbers and Asparagus
Like it a lot - Rather Get Shot
Some Great Music - So Can I Use It
Send Your Suggestions - Bothersome Questions
Got Some Ideas - Rotten Sopapillas

Busta Rhymes