These installations could occur on weeks/months cycles and/or overlap. The exact timing of the installations is flexible by nature and would need to be adjusted to maximize “artistic” effect.


PHASE 1 – Houston GSP Test Launch & Equipment Test / Assessment


PHASE 2 – Houston GSP Installation – William Manuel (That’s me); locations will be all over the place.


PHASE 3 – Widespread deployment of installations over period of months.


AUSTIN – Khanh Ho

BOULDER, CO –  Carrie Hahn

BOSTON, MA – Mike Demaggio


HOUSTON, TX –  Clare Elliott, Will Manuel, Tamasine Ellis, Tanya Keeble

LOS ANGELES. –  Kevin Lee (www.alsolikelife.com)

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA –  Bill Mousilis (http://www.innersense.com.au/)

NYC GSP Installation –  Lora Kolodny (resume),  David Hou (resume), Alice Freda

PITTSBURGH, PA –  Christy Leonardo (http://www.christyanity.com/)

TUSCON, AZ –  Molly McClintock (resume)  (http://maxedart.blogspot.com)

SEOUL, KOREA – Juhee Kang (girl)

JAPAN – People


There are actually a ton more people willing to set up installations; I just need to ask them (which I will do).




Optimal locations are still being pondered by participants, but will all be very effective once determined.  Locations in any given city under control of each participant will be able to be moved as necessary based on circumstances “on the ground.”  (and with all due deference to General Patraeus, naturally.)







5 x Projectors COST: $800-1000/ea [additional projectors will be provided by volunteers who already own necessary equipment]

5 x VGA 35 to 50 ft cables COST: $50/each

5 x Extension cords COST: $20/ea

Shipping costs will be minimized for up to 5 project installation sites, as I will have equipment directly shipped to project participants upon initial purchase. Any projects installations exceeding 5 will then require shipment of equipment to newer locations and should cost around $50 per shipment.


Total: $5350



5 x Applet board fee for time of projection COST: $20/mo per applet board application/instance – example, if we want to create multiple drawboards functioning simultaneously but separately, this would require additional accounts with the commercial server (www.groupboard.com) at $20/mo each.

Total for 2 months: $40 to $200


Human/Administrative Costs

Not needed.


TOTAL COST: $5390 to $5550*


 *Additional funds have been offered from a private, new media arts advocate to match any grant amount from Rhizome not exceeding $3k.  Projector operators (friends, peers, colleagues) who have committed to do this are each donating spare laptops on which to run this program. Thus, no additional computer hardware besides projectors and cables will be needed. I can pay for any cost run-over my own hard-earned money up to but not to exceed thirty-two million dollars.