Explain your project to me as if I was a person who was not into the internet. Eeueh.


Then explain the Groupdraw Public to kids. OK. Iíd say ďDonít you want to draw with your friends at the same time? Wonít that be fun? I donít mean on your own piece of paper separately. I mean right on top of each otherís stuff. Maybe at the same time. Then when yourfriends are not around, you can sneak back and change their drawings. Theyíll be so surprised when they come back. You can do it from anywhere thereís a computer.Ē


No, really talk to me like Iím a fifth-grader. Actually, you do kind of look like a 5th grader.


No, like how do we get to draw together? You get on your computer. Then you go to this site, www.coldbacon.com/groupdraw/ and start drawing with the draw tools.


Who else gets to draw? You never know, and thatís also fun. You could tell a friend to get on with you at the same time. Or somebody you donít know could just be there.


Could I draw with famous people? Probably.


Or with my girlfriend? Itís been known to happen. Wait, you shouldnít have a girlfriend, youíre in 5th grade. Is it serious?


Why is it called the Groupdraw Public? Super Public, actually. Because youíre not just drawing online by yourself. What you see on your screen could be being projected in real-time, anywhere. 


Like Where? People could be walking on top of them on the sidewalk. The sides of buildings, alleyways, underneath bridges. Perhaps behind a rack of shirts at a Gucci store, or even on Fox News Network, instead of Bill OíReilly. You just donít know, who could be watching.


Itís basically like youíre alone in the room with your pants off, and you feel pretty good about it. Except, yes, there are 20 people standing around in some church talking about you.


Why would I want that? I know! Right?


Wonít you get in trouble? Itís just light.


Do you have to get permission to do that? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends where we set up.


Whoís setting up and tending all the projectors? People. Iíve got lots of names and addresses. Iíve been doing internet stuff for a long time. You could say for the last nine years, Iíve been ďgathering fuel for vacant lots.Ē


Whatís the TS Eliot reference about? I think weíre done here.