artists are always saying stupid things like "which interest me"





On 1/12/07, Cold Bacon wrote:


i suppose what interests me most is the way everything is connected


i believe the brain is like this


and likes this


that there are connections and overlaps between everything


that these connections are like little tunnels which should be followed


i believe in hypertext


now pure art -- painting -- a song


encapsulate art -- a film


a structure


a mood or tone


two colors next to each other --


that is real too, and valuable


i do not wish to turn away from that whatsoever


in fact, those moments of purity are the goal


i merely seek to enhance the enjoyment of these "stationary landings"


as reached via the little tunnels


it’s the little tunnels which interest me i keep falling down




On 1/12/07, Cold Bacon wrote:


i guess artist really wouldn’t be the right word. more like, guy with a problem.