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The Sunlight Foundation / I love this concept. Love it!

12/30/02 WTC steel may be used to build warship. (Yahoo)

Now that's just weird.

Democrat Attacking Cello

the most open minded individual on the face of the earth Trent Lott (of brain)
World's most open minded individual? Or just a senator from Mississippi?
  • 4/17/01 Mississippi votes to keep Confederate symbol on flag. (Yahoo)
On destroying the vista of the Washington Mall:
``I hope we can move forward on it,'' said Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican. ``I don't understand all of the nitpicking and agitating and delaying that's gone on this memorial.''

Only four people visited my site today. I demand a recount!

Keep your most important decisions warm this holiday season...

A Mexican restaurant.

Supreme Court Justices have to eat tacos just like everybody else.

Republican Attacking Cello

Al Gore Invented The Cello

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