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Well, why the hell not? Give me four good reasons. And then back them up with at least two examples for each, explain how Homer would have done it better, and why you should be allowed to remain in my class. Essays not written on certified papyrus or carved into stone tablets will not be eligible for a grade of honors.

Lesson Two - Senator Bob Needs Your Daughter

A king had three daughters, of whom the youngest, Psyche, had such a radiant beauty that it rivaled Venus'. And people deserted the worship of Venus in adoration of Psyche. Venus was furious and commanded her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with the most loathsome creature on earth. However, Cupid, a handsome youth, fell in love with Psyche and asked Apollo for help. As time passed Psyche fell in love with no one, whereas her sisters were married to kings. Her parents consulted the oracle of Apollo, which commanded them to dress Psyche in mourning and take her to a rocky mount where a hideous and mighty dragon would carry her off to be its wife. Sadly her parents did as they were told and went home to mourn.

Did You Know?
Justin Lake once was the honorary judge for a wet t-shirt contest in Laredo, Texas? The t-shirt part makes sense, but no one could ever figure out what he was he doing in Laredo?

Status: Saw Him Last Week

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