Not Ready Yet

this is exactly what I look like

Okay, what has happened here is I have gone ahead and made a link to a piece that is not ready as in not ready yet. Making a link to something is a connection, an insight, a moment of passion. It cannot be put off or sublimated. It must be done then and there. And in order to hold the wild hypertext threads together, I sometimes must upload pieces which are still second or third drafts. It's evil, but I have to do it. And having it online is also the surest way of ensuring a piece gets edited. You see, when I'm not out preying on small children, I like to improve my work by lurking around the site, reading it, as you would. If it's not online, it'll be lost in some 'dank' corner of my drive, frozen and forgotten, like Jack Torrance in the Shining. But lately, I've been starting a lot of new pieces and leaving them in very early form. Yesterday, I could handle people reading this really raw material, but not today. Today is different. Today I go ahead and upload the unfinished page, but link to this one as a temporary bridge. I, myself, will land here and remember there is unfinished work. But you, you will be stuck with this short burp of illogic.

- the management?          

P.S. That is exactly what I look like. What do you look like?