Soul Coughing
Zinfandel from California. The music is solid, and the semi-spoken word lyrics amuse. Soul Coughing is basically what Cake was trying to do but failed. It will appeal to people who appreciate language without being too puffed up about it. There is a certain phonetic and rhythmic pleasure in M. Doughty's delivery. The music itself can be repetitive at times, but I think I've grown out of the phase where repetition bothers me.
Ruby Vroom

Irresistable Bliss
  • Track 4 - Soundtrack to Mary
  • Track 6 - 4 out of 5
  • Track 8 - Disseminated (sampling of The Penguin by Raymond Scott)
  • Track 9 - Collapse
  • Track 11 - The Idiot Kings

El Oso

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