‘When I go to a live performance, I can hear pieces played in new ways, with different emphasis—keeps it fresh.’
‘Your recording will have 22% fewer errors.’
‘When I go, my attention is force focused. At home, I wouldn’t be able to sit through an entire piece without getting up for a snack, and without that, I’d lose the greater meaning of the whole.’
‘Baby, you wouldn’t know the greater meaning of the whole if it stood up and licked your face’
‘When I go, I’ll hear other pieces on the program, modern pieces I’ve never heard before.’
‘And never will again.’
‘But I can say I went. It’ll show my devotion to the piece.’
‘Somehow I think the piece will manage.’
‘What about the hot Asian chick sitting next to me?’
‘You’re married for Chrissake.’
‘She’s married.’
‘No…and besides, you can make it much louder at home.’
‘I could sit closer.’
‘Costs more.’
‘We have more?’
‘At home we can drink wine while we’re listening.’
Should We Or Shouldn't We?        We Should, Apparently