New Album is out: A Rush of Blood to Your Mother's Head

Track 1 - intro and much of chord progression lifted almost directly from Blur
Track 2 - this is the catchy one
Track 5 - doesn't The Piano already have a soundtrack? Pretty though.
Track 6 - this song is like what if the Beatles had taken too much valium when they recorded Sgt. Peeper's.
Track 7 - this is like what if someone stole some bad country/god lyrics and snuck them into a Coldplay song.
Track 11 - is good.

In summary, the album sounds fine, but Coldplay has not developed musically whatsoever. It's like they filmed the first three albums all at the same time, and they're Lord of the Releasing them over a span of six years. Meanwhile, the band vacations in an untaxed section of the Caribbean.

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Q: But Coldplay guy's voice is SOOOOO pretty

A: Coldplay is like that great looking dumb boy you want to just fuck on the weekend and not have to even talk to during the week. (see figure at right: weekend top left, weekday center)

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