Even more modern uses of the glockenspiel include Radiohead’s song No Surprises from their 1997 album OK Computer (played by Jonny Greenwood), and extensive use of (synthesized or sampled) glockenspiel in gangsta rap. The Arcade Fire employs use of the glockenspiel on many of the songs on their debut album Funeral. - Wikipedia

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

by Will Manuel

The music (and by music I mean drum beat, baseline, guitar, and synthesizer) covers a wide range from Joy Division ‘light’ to Joy Division ‘extra-light.’ Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the vocal stylings (high pitched, anxiety-riddled, speech slurred, possibly on designer drugs) remind of some 80’s post-punk group, whose name I can’t exactly remember (for some reason I'm thinking Violent Femmes, The Only Ones, Talking Heads). They’re kind of all over the place (so were the Magnetic Fields, although...) The tambourine, harmonica, and synthesizer (set to organ, harpsichord and regular) all make an appearance. At one point, I think I even heard a ukulele, but don’t ask me to spell it again. Are Clap Your Hands Say Yeah the next Pixies? No. But they are 15% more genuine than Arcade Fire.

That first song is hilarious. Reminds of some of those in-between song bits you would hear on a Beatles or Stones album. 'Details of War' is like if you mushed together Lou Reed's Heroin with a Stephin Merritt song. Track ____ is really good too.
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