“But from her first scene Leoni is hyperventilating so violently that she has nowhere to go; she can only repeat herself again and again until she spirals downward into exhaustion and tears. After about half an hour, you don’t want to know more about Deborah—you want her to go off to Big Sur, calm down, and shut up.” — David Denby

Arcade Fire

by Sarita

i cried when i heard the first song and got out of bed and danced for the second. i was extremely distressed by the end of the album because i felt cheated for not having this music in my life sooner. the music went straight to the sappy hormonal sometimes hysterical part of me and wreaked havoc. i calmed down by the next day but yes, i agree with your assessment. funnily enough i've become successively less intrigued by the album the further i get from the first listen. never the same as the first time. i'm not sure how much staying power it has, at least for me. i found myself trying to pretend it was the first time i was hearing the songs or trying to picture how my friends would react when they first heard. like daydreaming about the early butterfly blushworthy bits of a relationship or touching a boyfriend/girlfriend you haven't yet met.

so. magnetic fields = cerebral; andrew bird = kinetic; arcade fire = emotional, too unstable to stay good?

Me and Sarita in agreement (c. 2004). More of Sarita's work can be seen here.
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