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Apr 25, 2007

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 29
Sign: Taurus

City: north kingstown
State: Rhode Island
Country: US

Friday, May 11, 2007


i have a mouse (he likes garlic)
Current mood: copacetic
Category: copacetic Pets and Animals

i have this big yellow chair (byc). it's prob the best piece of furniture in the world. this story mainly takes place at the chair, which is why i mention it...
i had a slice of pizza for dinner. i ate it while sitting in the byc. it was actually left over from the "free" lunch i worked five hours for. it was good: broccoli, spinach, feta... there was this huge clove of garlic on the slice and i picked it off. i mean, i like garlic, but not enough to eat a whole clove. so, i put it on the plate and put the plate on the "table" next to byc. then i went out to a party.

when i got home i relaxed a bit, in byc, of course (actually that's where i am right now). my feet were up. the only light was from the kitchen. i was thinking about how i should prob brush my teeth and go to bed. then, out of the corner of my eye i thought i saw something... i looked over at the plate (no, i hadn't put it in the sink yet, thanks), but nothing looks funny. then, this little mouse jumps up on the plate and starts munching away at the garlic.

i didn't really know what to do, so i stared at him for a bit. he stared back. i think he's a deer mouse: brown in color, big, black, buggy eyes, and a really long tail (we had these grey mice in CT). then i moved and he ran away. i tried to lure him back with cashews and muenster cheese, but no dice. this morning, as i was constructing my own have-a-heart trap, i was wondering if i shouldn't just let him be. i mean, how much damage will he really do? and he's cute. i have friends with those same characteristics. ;) but, i'll prob catch him and walk him across the street to a neighbor's yard... hope they don't read this.

Currently listening :
Love Their Country
By Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Release date: By 17 October, 2006

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