Note about Java: Since 2014 or so, security concerns about JAVA make it not run unless you authorize it for specific sites. You have to go to your "control panel" and "programs" and then select security settings in JAVA control panel. Add "" and "" to trusted sites. Then it should work.

Background: In 2007, I started the groupdraw project because I wanted to have different people drawing together at the same time. New people came along and contributed. It was huge fun. After 2007, chronic neck pain made me have to give up the internet. :( Attention to this (and all) parts of the website dwindled. [Has left the building] The original crowd has since disbanded. There are many reasons why, but by far the most interesting would be direct alienation.

Anyway, in an effort to push back against oblivion, I have set up two vimeo accounts to catalog all of this. One is just the drawings. A catalog of a certain place in time. Another is a bunch of videos made using the drawings. And some other stuff. Or waste your life.

February 2015

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