Food Combos (that work; and you can do at home; even in a shitty city!)




·        wheat crackers (Ak-Mak)

o       hard goat’s milk cheese

o       blue cheese + Belgian ale (see below)

·        Triscuit + (aged) Piave

·        garlic crackers + Tomme d’Auvergne

·        country (regular) bread + olive oil + hard sheep’s milk

·        salami (standard)

o       pecorino

o       aged gouda

·        Lucques olives + true chevre (e.g. Montrachet)

·        quince (paste or jam) + Manchego

·        edam + cranberry chutney

·        English farmhouse cheddar + malty/vinegary chutney + English ale (not Scottish; too strong; competes; just decent English ale

·        Chicken salad + gruyere family

·        Bacon + Gruyere (family of)

·        sausage + dry chevre

·        Boursin + 3 grain (hard breads) // you can buy this in any store!


Specific Drink and Cheese Combinations


·        Cheese for Belgian ales: Couserans, Gubbeen, Muenster Gerome, Tête de Moine,

·        Cahill’s Irish Porter Cheddar and Stout




·        Lurpak Butter + fig (jam) + bread

·        Smoked salmon + pumpernickel + (condiments)

·        chestnut honey on a raisin/wheat (and/or bran) muffin

·        wild rice + butternut squash soup (stirred together like a cold climate Étouffée)


Cracker Combos


·        Finn-Crisp and orange marmalade



The Final Example


·        Roquefort (huge hunks) + Moinette (Belgian Ale) + wheaty bread // and a nice long film (preferably Jacques Becker)




Ingredients by Alphabetical and what to do with them:


Figs: prosciutto and roasted walnuts, pears and blue cheese, fresh goat cheese or aged Manchego, cream cheese and bagels, full fat plain yogurt.