This is regarding the age of internet flash from 1998 to 2007. After that I stopped caring. Flash for television and film production is covered elsewhere.

Other People's Flash (a.k.a. good flash) My Own Crap Flash
Short and Medium Length

Sushi * Monkey * The Play * The WC Experience

The Smileys

Love * No Surprises * Yahoo * Jump * My Snake

More Involved

Peru * Edward Gorey .swf * E.E. Cummings Was A Fag * Nic N and Beasty B * Home (Movies) (Looney)

Unfinished (well, i mean extra unfinished)

Doughboy * Like Raindrops * Hopper House * 16 Tons * Dune - Home World * Dune - Water of Life * Love

The Problem With Flash
The New Flash (is just converted .avi)