what about miho hatori?


Um. She writes songs in Engr/lish.


Not Miho.

(I LOVE Cibo Matto. And her.)


so you're saying miho is not good? ok.

what is cibo matto and her?

OK, Cibo Matto is a funky, bossanova influenced electronically
produced band in which Miho Hatori is lead singer. They have two
records worth owning: Viva La Woman and StereoType A. Especially
StereoType A. Some of my favorite Cibo Matto songs are: Flowers, and
Speechless (StereoType A) and Know Your Chicken and Birthday Cake
(Viva La Woman). There are also some EP's and a greatest hits
collection. But they're not as essential.

Sometimes, Miho records in French. Like she's on a Serge Gainsbourg
Also, she's recorded in Portugese on some Jobim tribute or

She's / Cibo Matto worked with Sean Lennon, among others.

Japanese rocker chickies who are hot = always a good thing.

You should listen.

But the only reason I said "Not" about them was because I thought you
were continuing the discussion about translation, and suggesting we
translate Miho's work. Which is often written in english anyhoo.

mata ne,




you forgot about the quintessential "you know your children are birthday cake"


anyway. i see now. we should not discuss translation about non-essential authors/writers. only greats like JLB, etc.


others may yield exactly the same insights? why not. except it won't provide as much "content reward" for our time. secondly, if she translates herself, and poorly = engrish, then that's worrisome. why should she do it and why should i suffer it? if someone conceives of thoughts in engrish, then those thoughts should be suspect. better i think to have someone more fluent in both languages do the translating.


(write this down: insight # 1, better to have someone fluent in both languages do the translating)