Friendster - Stupid Name or Just Stupid?

they tore it down! they tore it down!
From: Cold Bacon
To: Sarah Katherine Gordon
Subject: are you on crack?
Date: Friday, August 01, 2003 1:21 PM

meeting people through friends is not a new thing. since time immemorial, people have introduced each other to friends at parties and other gatherings. but to assume you will like people merely because they know someone you know is a mistake. as it turns out, friendster doesn't really represent a person's 'highest quality' friends or the one's which are likely to be of interest to you. you're more likely to meet the people you want to meet through common interests. (i.e. society for the prevention of crack smoking, society for the enjoyment of crack smoking, azelia trail). not that the web isn't useful, and socially. don't get me wrong. i waste plenty time on my forum because it's a valuable resource for me. the people on it are all hand-picked by a panel of experts. they're guaranteed to be interested in movies, literature, art—things that matter. friendster provides no such guarantees. the only thing it guarantees is the people on it like to be online. on the face of it, it seems unlikely to improve my life. email alone has me in contact with more people than i ought to be. the one use in that article which was interesting to me was this idea of moving to another city and meeting a friend of a friend. but wait, if i tell my friend i'm moving to chicago, he damn better hook me up with his friends there. why do i need friendster for this?

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