Milk and Honey
Youíve heard it a hundred times, but have you ever actually had milk and honey? Itís really quite good. I recommend trying it in a cup of Earl Gray tea (with Bergamotô).

Well, There Is That
What a great phrase. Anyone who uses it is automatically okay. Simple enough, yet virtually impossible for anyone bad to use properly.

5 Second Rule
What a great concept. I wonder who thought of it. King Lear? Why not? He thought of everything else. ďGive me that piece of non-specific roast meat forthwith. Itís been hardly five seconds on the floor.Ē

Dumb Expressions

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
This is really dumb expression. Itís completely wrong. The more things changeóthe more things do not stay the same. In fact, thatís precisely what change means, not staying the same. So you see, itís quite impossible that the more things could change, the more they could stay the same.

Less Is More
Less is not more. Less is less. How could less possibly be more? What is going on here?