Dialogue 1       In the coffee house


‘You’re so normal, Carrie. You must have had normal parents like me.’

‘Oh yeah—’

[cell phone rings] Hey Rachel…Uhuh…Oh, that’s fantastic, you didn’t say you were going up there.’

‘Sometimes my father would hit my mother.’

‘Well could you pick it up for me?’

‘She just took it for a while.’



‘Really, is that what they said?’

‘Then she hired a man to kill him.’

‘Oh, well just bring it over tomorrow if you remember. Hey, how’s Tom?’

‘It worked. But then she had a break down. I had to go live in a foster home.’


‘Course, I ran away.’

‘Well listen, just tell him he needs to start treating you better, or else.’

‘I have a lot of anger.’

‘Or else, you’ll just have to kick his ass out!’

‘Sometimes I have this urge to hurt people.’

‘I don’t know Rach, it all seems pretty messed up.’

‘I don’t like it but…’

‘Some guys are just jerks.’

‘I can’t help how I feel.’

‘You just can’t let them walk all over you.’

‘There was this guy once, who worked at a Starbuck’s.’

‘You have to be strong.’

‘I followed him out to his car after he closed down.’

‘Just don’t call him back when he calls.’

‘And when he was turned around—’

‘Listen Rach, I gotta go, but don’t forget what I said.’ [beep] ‘We were saying about how we had such normal parents?’

‘Aren’t we lucky?’


Dialogue 2


‘Hey, so how long have you been in that studio?’ [cell phone rings] ‘Hey, Rach.’

‘Actually it’s a one bedroom.’

‘Oh I’m just in town a few days.’

‘In Brooklyn. I live in Brooklyn.’

‘No, I missed it, what happened?’

‘I was the first person there.’

‘She didn’t!’

‘Before anyone else was living there.’

‘But did she really like him or was she just—?‘

‘It wasn’t easy.’

‘Oh, they did that last season.’

‘I had to grow my own coffee.’

‘Well, call me tomorrow?’

‘There was no system of laws. No courts. We didn’t even have executions. Who were we going to execute?’

‘Okay, bye.’ [click]



Dialogue 3


[cell phone rings]

‘Hey, I’m with someone right now. Can I call you later? Okay, bye’ [click]

‘That was Rachel.’

‘You showed her.’



‘Hitler was great wasn’t he?’

‘Totally. I mean, Yavol.’