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The Best

Lenny Bruce * Woody Allen * Richard Pryor

The Brits

Monty Python * Rowan Atkinson * Eddie Izzard * Dylan Moran

Other Americans Worth Mentioning

John Belushi * George Carlin * Bill Cosby * Mitch Hedberg * Steve Martin * Freddy Prince, Sr. * Chris Rock * Robin Williams

Best Comedians of Today

I will now be using my defensive, combative tone which I like to use when discussing contemporary subjects on which there is not yet a bandwagon, and God forbid, I might actually be wrong.

Dave Chappelle

Ah, yes, Dave Chappelle. On the surface, Chappelle's show is based entirely on racial differences, which I'm quite sure will get old, at least within the next fifty or so years. It's also a bit of a tightrope act in that it seems to exaggerate black stereotypes, while at the same time honoring them. Meanwhile, it's a cakewalk because the majority of Chappelle's audience is, of course, white people, and the true and not-so-secret butt of much of his humor. But none of this matters when the writing and acting performances transcend the the one-dimensional themes. The "World Championship of Craps" comes to mind. Or when the richest black man on earth, known simply as "Tron" is asked about the baby next to him, and he replies, "This? I bought this baby cash." Anyway. I will stay on for the ride, but eventually, this show will fizzle. Hopefully it will never be as repetitive as 'Mad TV'. Note, Chappelle's stand-up is also really good. I'm serious. I like his stand-up as much or more than his show. [
first season] [second season] [interview with neal brennan] [wiki]

Pablo Francisco

I heard this guy for like two minutes on the radio one morning. He seemed to be hilarious or at least very talented with his voice. Anyway, this link is really here more for me, to remind me to check this site out when I have high speed and can download the video clips. I have not yet attempted to alienate Mr. Francisco. This could be because I have learned my lesson. Or it could be for other reasons. [
coke] [hurricane] [mentos] [rappers] [kick] [official site] [wiki]

Ira Glass
A kinder, gentler Woody Allen. [this american life] [wiki]

Marc Maron

I first seen Mr. Maron in a night club when he did a brief reading from his book entitled The Jerusalem Syndrome. He was vigorous, skillful, unapologetic and completely immersed in the text. It was like he was reading his own book. The thing that Red Sea separates Maron from the many other false prophets out there is probably his conviction. Take Jerry Seinfeld for example. He's funny alright, no question. You laugh, but really, he's just up there cashing in on life's little incongruencies without really inspiring you, to think harder, and burst a vessel. In fact, can you even remember a Seinfeld joke? I can only think of the phrase, "I mean who are these people?" And he may never have even said that. About the deepest response I've had to a Seinfeld joke is, "Yeah, toothpaste really is like that."

Maron, in contrast, is much more like Lenny Bruce. He makes you laugh while at the same time teaching you something. I guess the difference between guys like Bruce and Maron versus guys like Seinfeld is that you know Seinfeld probably sleeps really well at night, and with chicks half his age. Maron only jokes about this. As far as I know. Anyway, go check out the clips on his site and see if you don't agree. The one about the music taking half an hour before the drums kicked in is a classic joke concept, which also shows up the 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' episode Fire Ant. At times, Maron takes on the Andy Kaufman 'fuck you if you don't think it's funny' attitude, and perhaps I identify to easily with this. Mark stopped responding to my emails some time around March 2002. But I don't think it's because I alienated him or anything. I think it was just that I was too boring. [official site] [interview] [wiki]

More: Everyone loves to compare Jewish comics. But for a real laugh, check out Amazon's distinct category called 'Jewish Comedians.' Right next to 'famous black criminals' and 'DVD's for old people with dementia.'

Line which somehow didn't make it into Black Adder: It would be like a pig finding truffles in a truffle shop—pretty damn often.
Dylan Moran

Fantastic from what little I've seen so far. I saw him do standup once on BBC America. It was great. I also thought his small role in
Tristram Shandy was superb. [black books] [shaun of the dead] [wiki]

The Whipping Boy [whistling buoy]

As heard on 107.5 The Buzz (Houston). A radio DJ ranking among the top comedians in the country? Why the hell not? He's alot funnier than Margaret “Can't Get Her Off My T.V.” Cho. Mark my words. This guy is clever and amusing and totally over-qualified to be a radio DJ. He could be national if he wanted. Just like Jim Rome could go back to being local.

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