Salvador Dali may have been one of the greatest painters to have ever lived, but I assure you it was no thanks to his titles. They're often in Spanish and rarely make any sense at all. In fact, some of his paintings don't even have titles! I have remedied this unfortunate situation by choosing some more helpful names for many of the great master's works. I hope this will be a first step and serve as a wake up call to today's young artists who are in danger of following down this same misguided footpath.

Jelly Donut



Laser St. John

Some Funky Ass Shit

That's Funny I Donít Remember That Snail Being There

The Real Jimmy Stewart

Okay, You See This Ball

Iím Afraid What You've Got Is An Extremely Serious Case of Strawberries On The Spine

Hey Look, Iím Matt Barney

I Made This With Photoshop

Andy And Larry Making Exile Into Fun

Not Today Mama, Not Today

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